Monday, May 28, 2007


Welcome to hearsoundswrite (get it? Like "Here sounds right"...c'mon, use your imagination...) or HSW as I will affectionately and lazily refer to it. What is HSW all about? It's just another music blog. Simple as that. But bear with me...

A little about myself. I'm a graphic artist in Columbia, South Carolina [ed: I now live in Charleston] by day. But at all hours, I'm an avid music fan. I usually buy a few records a week, as well as keep up with blogs and message boards, because I like to be up to date on the newest releases and happenings in the music world. But I have opinions on music that I believe are valid, and I consider myself a fairly accessible barometer for recognizing what's good in music, whether or not I personally like it.

See, I'm no hipster. But I'm kind of a liaison between the hip and the ignorant. There are those folks who want to like good music, but don't know where to go or where to start, or better yet, who to trust. The world of hipster blogs scares them (and rightfully so.) Therefore, I thought it'd be helpful to toss up a blog of music news and reviews from someone who isn't listening to good music for the wrong reasons. I don't own black-rimmed glasses and I don't wear girl-jeans. I just like good music.

My reason for starting my own blog (aside from the fact that it's just what the internet needs) is that I felt I needed a conduit for expressing my own musical musings, as well as presenting a way for folks to be up to date on the newest albums and news. My goal is to review at least one new release a week. Of course, this is wishful thinking, but any week I skip will hopefully be compensated for with a heavier load in a future week. Of course, it's not uncommon for more than one album of interest to be released in a week, so I may have to catch up with a "new" release a few weeks after it's technically new during a slow week. Or, again, I may do two a week.

I'll also keep the site updated with interesting news snippets, tour info, columns, concert pictures, features, etc. I'll also enlist the help of friends whose ability to give poignant reviews and opinions I deem worthy of publication on this site. My goal is to eventually move to a free-standing site with its own URL, so I can segment it a bit. But I need to find the free time to design the page and all that.

Anyway keep checking back. Bookmark it if you have to! You know, in the "check while bored at work" folder...

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Unknown said...

"See, I'm no hipster. But I'm kind of a liaison between the hip and the ignorant."

Ha ha! Perfect!