Thursday, July 19, 2007


  • I wish Radiohead wouldn't be so damned cryptic about their new album. I'm half expecting it to show up on shelves with no prior promotion. But it'd still debut at #1.
  • Really digging the new Spoon. Get it?
  • Richard Buckner is a new discovery of mine. Imagine Evan Dando with a folksy tumble in his voice. Check out the song "Ariel Ramirez" for some melancholy sundown folk that'll put a lump in your throat.
  • Very satisfied with Jason Isbell's debut, and I think he'll only get better. Look for a review in the days upcoming.
  • Ryan Adams' Easy Tiger is growing more disappointing by the day, unfortunately. First album of his on which I routinely skip tracks.
  • I'm not a huge fan of Jump Little Children, but "Cathedrals" is probably one of the best songs, lyrically or musically, I've ever heard. Please find this one if you've never heard it.
  • Finally picked up The Black Keys' 2006 release Magic Potion. What a cool band. Admittedly, the songs run together a tad at first listen, but as a genuine blues rock band, they're great for music.
  • South Carolina is suffering for live acts. Although the DBTs, Flaming Lips, and White Stripes all have or will have played Myrtle Beach this year. But, really, who wants to go to Myrtle Beach?
  • Speaking of suffering and live acts, I saw Maroon 5 is playing in Columbia. And the Hives are opening? Aroo?
  • Ben and I might be opening for my uncle in New York City. Book your flights.


Thomas said...

Spoon has gotten alot of good press for their new album (Ga to the fizif).

I thought Magic Potion was more of the same at first, too. Until you realize that the Black Keys are consistently good, and they satisfy a drastically underrepresented musical niche.

Who does want to go to Myrtle Beach? It's the Redneck Riviera!

Actually Maroon 5 has played in Columbia at least once before. Back when they were gracious. I would make a joke about Maroon 5 here, but I don't want to offend our female readers. I'll just say that there are only a handful of bands that I would drop nukes on if I had the chance. Maroon 5, Smashmouth and Cowboy Mouth (do I notice a trend?) are some of them.

Nice use of "Aroo." Zoinks!

Thomas said...

Oh! and congrats! I like to think I'll be in NYC when you guys play. yaknowwhuddamean