Wednesday, January 30, 2008


  • Major anticipations for 2008: Sun Kil Moon, My Morning Jacket, Decemberist frontman Colin Meloy's solo effort...ah...surely there must be some others. The Hold Steady? TV On the Radio? I just seem to remember being a little more giddy in 2007 at this time, musically speaking.
  • Actually one I am certainly anticipating (it warrants its own bullet I suppose) is Fionn Regan's follow-up effort to last year's fantastic The End of History. The word is Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon, Ray Lamontagne, et al) is handling the production duties...
  • The new Drive By Trucker record is a long damn walk--19 songs, to be exact. Probably a few throwaways but mostly solid stuff. Shonna's songs are well-written but her uber-countrified (albeit genuine)delivery drives me nuts, to be honest. Although admittedly "I'm Sorry Houston" is one of my favorites on the new disc.
  • Band of Horses put on one of the best shows I've seen in a long time, especially considering my expectations were rather low after seeing them live twice previously. But they've sure worked out the kinks over the past year or so. Highlights included "Marry Song", "Islands On the Coast", and "First Song".
  • Recently picked up last year's Jimi Hendrix release of the Monterey Pop Festival performance. Would have loved to see Jimi live, his stage banter is so endearing. Stuff like "Dig this, brother"...yes, Jimi said it before Hulk Hogan did, folks.
  • My favorite band Wilco will be playing on February 29th at the North Charleston Coliseum. My father is retiring that day in Norfolk, Virginia. I will be at the latter. Argh...but hey, his 30+ years of naval service certainly warrants my attendance. But it won't make missing Wilco any easier...
  • Been getting into Modest Mouse lately. Uh...that's about it.
  • I love the song "Dangerbird" by Neil Young. In fact all of Zuma is great. Except for the cover art...but hey, can't win em all. Never really was Neil's specialty I guess...mostly minimalistic imagery, earth tones. The designer in me wants so much more!
  • I'm hoping to strike through a few entries on my "Bands I must see live list." MMJ, Radiohead and the DBTs to name a few. I really hope Led Zeppelin doesn't tour, because I will spend lots and lots of money to catch a show that I'll probably have to force myself to enjoy.
  • So Vampire Weekend...they've received rave reviews, I've heard nothing but praise, and I've even heard a song or two which weren't awful. But gah, I can't get over how utterly stupid that name seriously is stunting my interest in trying out this band...
  • Neutral Milk Hotel's opus In The Aeroplane Over the Sea has been on heavy rotation lately. What a brilliant album, so bizarre and impassioned...truly one of the all-time greats.

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