Friday, March 14, 2008

jobs are for suckers.

i quit mine today. maybe i'll actually have time to post on this damn blog now.

Johnny Paycheck - Take this job and shove it.

Todd Snider - Looking for a Job

Frank Zappa - Wind up Workin in a Gas Station

Clash - Career Opportunities

And, just for kicks, this clip of Joni Mitchell singing "Me and My Uncle," later made (more) famous by the Grateful Dead. She's a little cutesy, but given the time and venue, still so fucking money.


George said...

Congrats buddy. Good luck.

pmmasterson said...

First reaction: Now how will you afford to miss me by mere minutes in the same city?

Unknown said...

I'm all kinds of annoyed by my job. It makes me feel like I'm a bastard.

Gawrsh, I wish I didn't have all those bills and this high-falutin' taste for women, wine and clothing...

oh well.

I guess you'll have to live the life for me.

The Mut said...

I hate having a boss. I want to be the boss.

Anonymous said...

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