Friday, September 26, 2008

Whiskeytown: A Creative Fictional Discography.

Rural Free Delivery is like that time in college you did day labor for beer money at a horse stable. You baled hay, shoveled shit and built fences. Each individual bottle had a kangaroo playing a different sport on it.

Faithless Street is like starting to quench your thirst with High Life at 3 in the afternoon. The temperature was 96 degrees and you ended up wasted, stumbling over to the redneck bar and making friends with a guy with a goiter.

Those Weren't the Days is like driving your brand new used car over the mountain with a road soda to meet a friend and discuss literature.

Strangers Almanac is like your girlfriend leaving you for another dude. He's really smart and writes poetry and is a total pussy.

Pneumonia is like meeting a pretty girl and impressing her with your stash of illegal fireworks.

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