Friday, October 10, 2008

I love diese music.

As a celebration of Drew's new and exciting venture, The Diese Blog, I think it's fitting that HSW holds an open forum on the subject of diese musicians. My intention here is not to steal TDB's thunder, just to spread the good, good word as best I can. In the future I'll be relegating diese-talk to redicrections to the official site, for we'd be doing a disservice to the concept by discussing it here, as it lies outside HSW's core competencies.

But for now, I'd like to submit a few; feel free to contest, support, etc.--

First of all, The Drive-By Truckers are undeniably diese, and the Diese Blog itself has identified the rockers as such, and thus it shall not be contested.

I'd submit a few other bands who'd wave that banner proudly:

  • Uncle Tupelo
  • Lucero
  • Johnny Cash
  • Son Volt
  • Neko Case (le femme diese)
  • And as a dark horse... I'll throw out Patty Hurst Shifter (whose drummer is Skillet Gilmore, former Whiskeytown timekeeper and owner of one of the more diese names in alt-country.)

Let's hear your suggestions in the comments section. And please, go be a part of something big over at the Diese Blog.

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Chuck said...

"Patty Hurst Shifter rock ass!" - Ryan Adams Mr. Adams is not wrong. They are the best band and have this thing called SONGS in that whole southern rock scene that the Drive By Truckers & Kings Of Leon seem to dominate these days. They rarely get outside of NC but when they do - you MUST see them. Chuck