Thursday, October 2, 2008

Like ripples on a shore

Nothing like logging posts that are really nothing more than an embed...but I thought this one was worthy. The official video for Radiohead's "Reckoner," my personal favorite from the brilliant In Rainbows. The video you see is the cream of a contest's worth of fan-created crop. Although the creator is clearly not without advanced training in animation, it's yet another innovative idea by Radiohead, and I dare say the video is fantastic.

Earlier this week, for the first time in a year or two, I listened to Radiohead's debut, Pablo Honey. Sort of remarkable considering I listen to each of the other albums on what seems like a weekly basis. But I'd sort of forgotten about what a rocking affair Pablo was, and I was caught off guard by how much I enjoyed it. So racous and boisterous compared to In Rainbows, but they always sound like they know exactly what they're trying to do with every note they play.

Radiohead - Reckoner - by Clement Picon

And just for the hell of it, some Pablo Honey goodness.

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