Monday, October 13, 2008

More Takes on Ryan Adams and Being Diese

As I've probably mentioned, I've been fine-combing the Whiskeytown back catalogue a bit lately. And over on THE DIESE BLOG, we declared that Ryan Adams is cool but not diese. We stand by this. Respectively, Hank Williams, Jr. is diese but not cool.

I've met the guy and while I can attest that his antics are indicative of colossal colostomy-baggery, he has said some really funny shit while wasted.

Apparently, while touring to support John Fogerty, he was expected to honor his selection by playing solid country sets.

Instead, his band played a full punk set that ended with Adams declaring, "Yeah, Fogerty was born on the bayou....of Southern California."

I think everybody's got a little bit of diese in them.


George said...

I think it's fair to say Whiskeytown, all parts considered, was fairly diese, with live sets often devolving into onstage fights. There's also the account of Ryan telling some journalist to suck his dick for alleging in an article that he (Ryan) didn't like Tupelo.

Ryan has become cool but not diese, absolutely. In fact, since he quit drinking, I'm not so sure about the cool thing. I have Cardinology, his upcoming album, and will be reviewing it. I can assure you, it's about the farthest thing from diese you can imagine.

Drew said...

Yeah, I would contend that Whiskeytown at its finest and most belligerent was, in fact, diese. But in general, Ryan Adams is not diese.

He's cool mostly because he's a diminutive little jerk an somehow manages to date good lookin celebrity chicks. And he wrote some good songs.

And Cardinology is not even close to approaching diese. Thanks for the heads-up.