Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Pixies for you this morning

A mothafuckin jam to wake you up this brisk October morning: "Velouria" by the Pixies, performed live in 1991. Frank Black, looking like a bit character from Home Improvement, complements Kim Deal's functionally shitty backing vocals as the band rips through one of its finest tunes.

And for shits and giggles, a cover by Weezer:

Incidentally, did you see the cover for Rivers' new demos collection?

Nice look, douchemonger! Looks like he'd be Screech's deviant gay lover on early seasons of Saved by the Bell. But, hey, stylistic mistakes make for great retrospective album covers, do they not?

1 comment:

Thomas said...

I <3 Kim. Except, her vocals aren't the only thing that's functionally shitty. Check out that headless bass.