Monday, November 24, 2008

Overheard at the Music Store

How many times have you encountered the fellow music lover at your local music store, only to hear the most ridiculous statements erupt from their mouth? Here is a chapter from one of my recent ventures to the old record store.

I'm flipping through endless stacks of worthless used (or new) stuff, and suddenly Mr. Scenes McGee and his crew encroach. Slowly picking up bits and pieces of the conversation, I pretend to look at the same CDs over and over again, all the while burying my chin in my chest and biting my tongue as I try not to laugh at their exchange:

Dude #1: Hey look, Andy Griffith.
Dude #2: (Chuckles at appearance of album) That's funny. Y'know he's from North Carolina.
Dude #1: Yah, I heard he, like, founded Mt. Airy after he made the show.
Girl #1: Yah? I heard he was a deck*! *ə used to emphasize pronunciation.
Photo courtesy NY Magazine.

We invite you to share with us your favorite record store conversations.

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George said...


Man it's been a while since I've been to Manifest, which is where I'd be likely to hear something that ridiculous. I escorted my girlfriend to "Twilight" last night...heh...and after the movie, some 16-year-old future sorostitute audibly exclaimed "I yoosta be 'fraida vamparrs, no I wawnt one!"

The last 3 words of that statement were spoken similarly to the woman in Napoleon Dynamite who says "I WAWNT THAYYYT!"