Monday, February 9, 2009

HSW Newsflash: Odds 'n Ends

A few things from the wire...

• Wilco's Live DVD Will Rule*: It's about time! Seems like a live Wilco DVD has been swishing about in the rumor mill for ages. Finally, the fanboys 'n girls patience has been rewarded. Ashes of American Flags will be released on April 18th to coincide with Record Store Day. The concert footage will be an amalgam of several shows (similar to Tweedy's solo DVD "Sunken Treasure") and will likely rock all kinds of ass. Watch a trailer right here!

No confirmation on the tracklist, but you can probably bet on "Ashes of American Flags". Also Billboard reports the live DVD will be followed by a new LP later in the year. Hoorah!

• Speaking of the Felice Brothers: According to their very own website, the brothers Felice have put together yet another LP. May it only be as satisfying as their last two! It's called Yonder Is the Clock, which is delightfully Felician.
Tracklist for Yonder Is The Clock is below:

1. The Big Surprise
2. Penn Station
3. Buried In Ice
4. Chicken Wire
5. Ambulance Man
6. Sailor Song
7. Katie Dear
8. Run Chicken Run
9. All When We Were Young
10. Boy from Lawrence County
11. Memphis Flu
12. Cooperstown
13. Rise and Shine

Two songs with "chicken" in the title? Yes please! Incidentally, they opened with "Run Chicken Run" last night and I can safely say it was good 'n frenzied. They also played "Penn Station", which I remember enjoying but can't really recollect what it sounded like. Pre-order this one ASAP!

• EH, ah say EH!! Who all dees pipple cominta see us?
The Kings of Leon recently sold out Madison Square Garden. Aroo? What thes shit? How did that happen? Is it just me, or weren't they just playing the House of Blues like last year? At any rate, they're embarking on an arena tour, playing large capacity venues. So apparently they're, like, huge now. We can all practice our "I listened to them back in the Youth and Young Manhood days, it's just not the same" spiels. They're playing Charleston in May. I might just check em out. They'll probably have a good opener, anyway.

• Random Youtube - Chet Atkins is better than you:

Black Mountain Rag

Damn. Just when I started to feel significant as a guitarist. He spreads those licks like rich cream, son. Also note the similarities to Jimmy Page's "White Summer/Black Mountainside", including the song title. Methinks Pagey owes a bit to this piece.

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