Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cover Stories: What they're telling us through cover art - Vol 3

Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Outer South

Despair. Well, apparently I'm in a different band now. Whatevs. Bright Eyes, Mystic Valley Band...we'll all be disintegrated into the cold earth someday, and the worms will carelessly devour us and then shet us out into the dirt that we really are. But since some people thought last year's record was so good, I went ahead and made another one with my new band. There's like ten guys in my band, and they're all decks. Of course everyone is a deck. My art director, who is a betch, said we should all be on the cover. I said that's shet but she made us do it anyway. So I put on my peenk sweater and slapped on a blindfold. It helps me imagine I'm in my happy place: My parents' 4 bedroom suburban tudor-style house, playing XBox360 in the rumpus room and drinking Quick through a crazy straw--uh, I mean burning the petals off a withering rose in my dreary apartment. And might I add: Despair.

Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware

When I'm not creating profound if not slightly gothic-Americana folkery, I like to dabble in a sort of pet passion: Product branding and marketing. When I launch my professional rustic-songwriter consulting business (I've said too much already!) I'm going to need a snazzy motto. My thought is "What's Above the 'Stache". So basically nothing below my bristly soup strainer can be visible. Also of note: cover my nose and eyes and what's left kinda looks like a horse. I'm thinking I can incorporate that subliminally...but how? (Leans back in plush leather chair, swirls brandy, thinks)

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Thomas said...

Nice Post--professional rustic-songwriter consulting--the font that BPB uses looks alot like neil young's "script" font.