Friday, April 24, 2009

A look inside the recording of Vampire Weekend's new album..

(int. recording studio; lights flash on, two men enter)

Ezra Koenig: Kin you believe we already have to make another record??

Chris Tomsin: I kneeow! It seems like just yesterday, we dropped Vampire Weekend on the world and we already have to make another!

EK: Wull, I gass we need some songs. The first step is to get a tune.

CT: Oh man, that sounds super HARDuh. I wish I had a tune right now.

EK: If we concentrate rully hard, we'll both get tunes.

CT: OK Ezra! I'm gonna concentrate!

(both close eyes and strain)

EK: Oh....oh you know what? I'm getting a tune.

CT: Really?

EK: Oh yeah, I'm definitely getting a tune right neeeow.

CT: Oh wow, now I'M getting a tune!

EK: My tune is huuuge!

CT: Let's play with your tune!

EK: OK, ehehe.


/Southpark ripoff.

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