Sunday, April 12, 2009

On the week that was

As was so aptly called to attention in a recent comment, we've been on a bit of a hiatus over the past two weeks. I for one have been all over the place, literally and figuratively. The lady and I embarked on an east coast road trip last week, which, due to car troubles, promptly turned into an improvised circuit of bus, plane, and taxi rides between cities, airports, metro stations, houses, and wherever else you might imagine. The week was punctuated by the tragic news of my grandfather's passing. He'd been recently hospitalized and was trying in vain to rehabilitate in a hospice over the past month or so, but his condition continued to deteriorate until finally he passed on, early morning of Good Friday.

Although it seems so petty an issue now, my car is still at a Wheaton, MD Ford dealership awaiting retrieval, which won't happen til next weekend. Until I pull into my driveway a week from tomorrow, I'll be a bit tightly wound.

Still, the week wasn't without its high points and, of course, its musical connections. For instance, in New York City, I think I heard "Kids" by MGMT no less than three times in various places:

Seems like a song the NY crowd would glom onto, right? I can't help but be mesmerized by the video's creepy harlequins spliced with the stock dance footage. My research tells me it's not an official video, by the way.

The new Felice Brothers came out last week and I listened to that on our last-second flight home from DC. I've gone through it two or three times and so far I'm quite satisfied. Old-timey chic with flashes of progression that I love to see in a band. Since there's not much on Youtube from the new album, here's "Roll on Arte" from Tonight at the Arizona:

In New York, we sat in my favorite bar, 11th Street, and chatted while some unkown British songwriter played in the background, which was a nice complement to the low-lit atmosphere of the old, wooden pub. We heard a few street musicians as well, most notably a very talented trumpeter on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC playing for some smokers outside a restaurant. He was given the heave-ho by a cop entering the place, but continued his serenade as soon as the officer was out of sight.

Anyway, I'll do my best to throw some updates up this week but a steady influx may not occur until after the car situation is all sorted out. But for now, let's all raise a toast for Pop.

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