Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Checkem: Red Cortez

I don't profess to be a discoverer -- historically I'm a straggler, and when I finally do gain up to the hype, I hop on here and rehash all the praise that's already cooled into an ashy sediment in the backlog of the big boys. But lo, I bring you Red Cortez. They're getting some attention from the blogosphere, having opened for Morrissey and Jason Isbell already. But they don't have a Wikipedia page, so I consider them ripe for the toutin'.

A quartet of California hipsters, the band's Hands to the Wall EP is one of the best things I've heard this year. It offers a five-pack of piano backed rockers, 'Mats style brash with a bit of Killers theatrics, and an almost Spoonlike brand of cool. But there's also a trace amount rockabilly in a few of their tunes, which may justify or explain the Isbell opening slot. I caught them opening for the former Trucker a few weeks back. Frontman Harley Prechtel was ever the dynamo, assaulting his digital piano and delivering his ragged wails with an attractive energy that demanded a bit more attention than your average opener.

Here's the EP closer "All the Difference". It'll give you a decent idea of the band's sound:

Check their stuff on iTunes...worth your penny, I assure you.

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