Thursday, May 28, 2009


Welcome back to Whathaveyou.
  • Revisited the M. Ward's Hold Time yesterday after a few months. Never thought I'd say this about an M. Ward record, but color me disappointed. The title track is a sure winner, but the rest seems a bit formulaic--and not in the good way. Rather, it strikes me as vaguely uninspired.
  • Happened to be in D.C. for Earth Day and stumbled across a Flaming Lips concert on the mall. Stayed for six songs or so..."Yoshimi", "Fight Test", "Race for the Prize" all heard early on.
  • Tardy as usual, finally picked up Man Man's Rabbit Habits. Waitsian goodness abounds--consider it recommended!
  • Grizzly Bear's Vickatomest is en route, so says Amazon. Anticipation is burbling, expectations are high!
  • Tragedy befell my musical arsenal, as my on-display-mandolin dislodged from its shelf, and the ensuing crash was crashily terminal. Looking to paint it or, perhaps, lampify it.
  • Mark Kozelek on Pitchfork's "Guest List": Unsurprisingly Kozeleky. Mark's dislike of Sigur Ros is slightly surprising, considering he's no stranger to slow-burning downers. Koz also confesses he's never played a video game, although if did would his gamer tag be "PntYrHous_RedwBlud" or "MoonKillaSunstroke"?
  • Incidentally, Mark's new live release Lost Verses Live is pretty great. While I have trouble not thinking of Krusty when I hear "Send In the Clowns", he nonetheless delivers it as sorrowfully as only he can.
  • Rarely does metal do it for me, but my intrigue for Mastadon is growing with every Youtube I watch.
  • August will bring us The Avett Brothers' major label debut, the somewhat tritely titled I and Love and You. It's Rick Rubin produced, which is exciting, since his barebones production style is well-suited for the boys from NC.
  • A little self-praise: Two years ago THIS VERY DAY was the innaugural HearSoundsWrite entry. Good for us. /Birthday cake: [ii]

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Andrew said...

I saw Man Man open for Modest Mouse and then saw them headline their own show in Brooklyn. One of the best live acts I've ever seen. The studio stuff is good to me but the live material is great.