Monday, June 22, 2009

The Avett Brothers on NPR

The delightful brothers Avett have most of us indie-folky types all excited, since their new album's worth of banjo scrapes, chivalrous lyrics, and purty harmonies is set to say how-do to the music world this fall. And make no mistake, the buzz is palpable. I and Love and You is their first major label debut (Rick Rubin produced, no less) and it's primed to jet this little act from concord North Carolina into the stratosphere. The Paste coverboys played a set for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series, and boy oh boy is it good. Granted, the best of the three songs played ("Down With The Shine") is, apparently, not even on the album. But despite that, the outlook for I&L&Y is promising. I'll be catching the Avett's twice this summer, and you can color me giddy for both.

Here's the link to the Avett's performance.

And yes, George Clooney is there too. Look out, ladies.

UPDATE: I'm a bad fan. "Belladonna" was on Gleam II, which I have but am apparently not familiar enough with. So only "Laundry Room" is on the new album.

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