Friday, June 12, 2009

Oberst, Ward and James to release album... probable tracklist included!

The long-rumored collab between Bright Eyes' wunderkind Conor Oberst, sleepy crooner M. Ward, and head Morning Jacketeer Jim James is now a reality. And there was much rejoicing among those shaggy haired snap-shirted types. Aptly titled Monsters of Folk, here's the probable tracklist:

  1. Indie Cash-In (James, Ward, Oberst)
  2. Shet (Oberst)
  3. What's Ben Gibbard Got (That I Don't) (Ward)
  4. Ha Ha, Conor Can't Grow a Beard (James)
  5. Despair (Oberst)
  6. Mauve Rain (James)
  7. No, I'm Singing Lead On This One (James, Oberst)
  8. Shoulda Just Been Us (James, Ward)
  9. Flecks of Emo on an Americana Sky (Oberst)
  10. Unnecessarily Electronic (James)
  11. The Ballad of Jim Fell Asleep (Ward, Oberst)
  12. Dusty Vintage Rag #368 (Ward)
  13. Awkward 3 Part Harmony Finale Song (James, Ward, Oberst)

(for the real tracklist, look here)

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