Friday, July 31, 2009

The Tube Amp: July

Welcome to The Tube Amp, a new feature here at HSW. It'll feature a highlighted youtube video of especially delectable musical quality, and a blow-by-blow recount of my especially enjoyable moments from said video. The first installment is the great dobro player Jerry Douglas, playing "A Tribute to Peader O'Donnell." Douglas is, among other things, a player in Allison Krauss' Union Station band, and while I'm not particularly a follower of her work, she is one of the few mainstream country artists out there with any credibility in reputable music circles. However, she's not involved in this lovely instrumental piece. Here we go:

:02 - Lovely intro run

:40 - Mm, candles

:45 - Man, that minor chord will gut you everytime.

: 53 - Nice little lick, J-Doug.

1:23 - Watch this multi-note slide...killer.

1:33 - Zeppelinesque chord...must be in DADGAD tuning.

1:57 - Something about dobro slides -- when applied properly, they're quite stunning.

2:25 - Reprises the melody on the high strings, to a gorgeous end.

2:58 - Breaks into "Monkey Let the Hogs Out", so says the youtube info. Here's some good old high-speed bluegrass fingerpicking that'll make you wanna jump in with a thighslap solo.

3:43 - Harmonics, FTW!

Each time I watch this video, I have to fight the earch to browse eBay for an old dobro. And each time, I'm a little less sure of why I fight that urge. Beautiful instrument, especially when handled with such expertise, a la the great Jerry Douglas.

Thus concludes the innaugural installment of The Tube Amp. Will try to do this at the tail end of each month, but it may become more frequent.

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