Friday, August 7, 2009

Reader Participation:

Just read an interesting and indeed thought-provoking article on The AV Club, positing the question: What celebrity do you think would make a good best friend? The staffers all give their answers and then a trillion comments ensue. Some were interesting--one staffer answered John Mayer, because he thinks Mayer is funny and his music sucks, so he wouldn't be prone to fanboyism. Good logic, I suppose.

Anyhoo, I thought it'd be interesting to lift the shit out of the concept and transpose it to the music world. What musician do you think would be a fun guy to just hang out and shoot the shit with?

I approached this initially by surefire eliminations, and oddly enough, most of my favorites were immediately discounted. For example, hanging with Thom Yorke would be fiercely awkward, because he'd be weird. Mark Kozelek would probably just read or gaze out the window or something. Ryan Adams and JeffTweedy would probably be a bit standoffish. And while hanging around with Tom Waits would definitely be very entertaining (I could give him a topic, any topic, and be enrapt listenening to him ramble about it for hours) but I don't see us really hitting it off on a friend level.

So who, then? My first thought is Seth Avett. Dude always seems pretty amicable, and very grateful for the attention his fans give him and the band. I think we could strum guitars, crack jokes, sip beers, and watch the sun go down. Patterson Hood can be there too. Colin Greenwood, I'd imagine, would provide some pretty interesting conversation, and seems very kindly in all the interviews I've read. He'd probably ask you a lot of questions and be very reassuring in his responses.

Who do you think?


katiedaisies said...

Dave Matthews. What fun we would have!! Drinking dark liquor on a porch in Louisiana in the late Summer and jammin for hours.

Thomas said...

While not a fan of their music, I will say that G-Love and Gavin DeGraw (pre-radio) were downright good folks. I agree with you on Tweeds and Ryan Adams, since we have been in their presence at the same time. I felt bad for Tweedy that one night, he was barraged with brahs.