Thursday, August 27, 2009


  • My recent mini-obsession with The Avett Brothers has influenced me to finally acquire Country Was and A Carolina Jubilee, the Avett's first two full-lengths. Unsurprisingly satisfying, although I was caught off-guard by the studio version of "November Blue." Also, the main riff from "Pretty Girl From Raleigh" kinda sounds like "Wait Up" by Uncle Tupelo. I and Love and You is out in just a shade over a month. Color me anticipatory...
  • Finally bought Beck's Guero proper, and it's edging past Mutations as my favorite Beck disc. "Scarecrow" has been my hummed tune of choice this week.
  • Pitchfork's Top 500 songs of the aughts were rolled out last week, and Outkast's Bombs Over Baghdad took the top spot. The list was heavily based on strength of single, which was evident in the top 50 wherein most of the big rap, pop, and R&B hits charted. Looking very much forward to the top records list.
  • Virgin America is going to feature Chris Cornell music on all flights. Fingers crossed that Sam Jackson will find himself on a flight, and be prompted to blurt "Enough is enough, I've had it with all this motherfucking Chris Cornell off this motherfucking plane!"
  • It Might Get Loud, the docu featuring Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge was recently released. It apparently chronicles the history of the electric guitar, focusing largely on the three aforementioned slingers. Wonder if The Edge strummed a barred E chord rapidly for the duration of the film.
  • In Bob Dylan news of the weird, the elder statesman is lending his voice to a GPS company. Unfortunately it's his growly old man voice...would have loved to hear Blonde on Blonde era Dylan deliver "Recalibraaaating!" in a nasally wail. He was also recently corralled by a New Jersey cop who found Dylan wandering in someones front yard. The cop, who apparently isn't familiar with the concept of aging, offered this excuse for not recognizing Dylan: "I've seen pictures of Bob Dylan from a long time ago, and he didn't look like Bob Dylan to me at all."
  • Les Paul died on August 13, which you probably knew. My first nice guitar was a Gibson Les Paul blacktop with beige binding. I haven't played it in ages because it needs a great deal of work, but Les' passing reminds me what an incredible piece of equipment it is. RIP.

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