Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Tube Amp: August

YES I KNOW. In a stunning display of tardiness, I am posting the Tube Amp in early September. This month's entry, a brilliant performance of a brilliant song by a brilliant band: Shrouded in amber light, Radiohead does "How to Disappear Completely" for a small audience. Away we go:

:11 - Love the strum pattern on this song. A fine example of how the words "Radiohead" and "settle" are rarely applicable in the same breath. Could have easily gone with a standard 3/4 strum pattern, but instead opted for a bit more complexity, which offers a nice contrast in a relatively simple song.

:23 - If there was a Thom Yorke collectors edition grandfather clock, this is how the end of the pendulum would look.

:52 - Those are some impressive Ondes Martenots, if I do say so myself. According to Wikipedia (to rephrase, "Good chance it isn't true"), six are used on the studio version of HTDC.

1:27 -
The reason why 95% of the world who knows what the "Liffey River" is know what it is.

2:13 - I love how each verse builds a bit, vocally. Nicely complemented by the drones.

2:36 - There's Jonny Greenwood!

2:55 - And again.

3:03 - I wonder if they're adding vibrato, or if their hands are just moving out of habit.

3:50 - Quick cuts between shots indicate the growing tension. Nicely done.

4:16 - Apparently my middle school librarian moonlights as a Ondes Martenot player for Radiohead.

4:38 - Thom Yorke shakey-head mode, full throttle!

5:08 - No one in rock can really hold that falsetto like Thom can. Jeff Buckley was a master at it, and Andrew Bird is no slouch.

5:46 - Pasty arms clapping. And scene.

Worth noting are the other HQ videos from this performance. Follow the youtube link and browse the related videos, you'll find some gems. Thus concludes this month's (er...last month's) edition of The Tube Amp.

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