Monday, September 14, 2009


  • U2 kicked off its new tour in Chicago last night. To steal a line from Zack Galifianakis, "I'll file that under 'who gives a shit'."
  • The Whiskeybombs (i.e. my buddy Ben and me) played a wedding this weekend at Raffaldini Vineyards. I'm going to throw together an introspective review of the experience in general, but suffice to say weddings aren't exactly our cup of tea. The crowd was, for some reason, more interested in drinking out on the varanda that overlooked the sweeping valley and purpling mountains in the distance, but some folks got into it. One sweet woman asked us what our 'band' was called, and upon hearing it, said "Oh you know, I think of heard of you guys." It was a boldfaced lie, but a very sweet one at that. And after the wedding...
  • Drew, Thomas and I got together at Thomas' place in Lewisville, NC. I dare say it's the first time the three of us have occupied the same space since this blog took flight. A late night/early morning of music and beer ensued.
  • Pearl Jam's newest, Backspacer, is currently pumping through my headphones. More to come on this front, but I'm pretty satisfied four songs in.
  • I & Love & You, the much anticipated new release from The Avett Brothers is widely available on the leak-circuit. I created a post at their official board inquiring as to whether it was taboo to discuss leaks--and it was coldly obliterated within hours. By the by, Paste gave the record a glowing "96/100" review and I'm seeing them in four nights. I like that combination...
  • I'm currently reading two biographies: Low Side of the Road, an unauthorized but still credible Tom Waits bio (the author has interviewed Waits a number of times over the years in a journalistic context, but Waits did not give the bio project his blessing.) The other is Woody Guthrie: A Life, and I'll let you guess the subject of that one.
  • Don't look now but Ryan Adams is starting to make music again. He's digitally releasing a couple of tracks this week, and there is some barely-audible whispering of a guitar/harmonica album in the works. Consider those grossly unverified rumors at this point, of course, but it sure would be nice to hear something like that.

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Thomas said...

nice update. i am working on some new albums myself. maybe one of these days i can post a review on something.