Monday, October 26, 2009

Follow-up to "Unoriginal Music Musings: Volume 2"

Last week, in the post entitled "Unoriginal Music Musings: Volume 2", we brought light to the "I can't stand his voice" argument, writing:
"...pop singers are unabashedly consumed with stressing each syllable to the breaking point. But that's more of a genre problem."
As usual, Dave Grohl makes with the awesome and mocks the shit out of the famed Creed discharge "With Arms Wide Open", at one point replacing the lyrics with "Enunciate-TAH/the way I please-AH!" Dave totally gets it.

True story: This song almost killed me once. Back in our collegiate days, fellow HSW contributor Thomas and I were at the campus gym, doing a little bench press. I was on the bench, Thomas was spotting. It was a lower-weight/hi-rep regimen, so I was pounding it out while he stood back a bit. It was then I heard the syrupy opening chords to "With Arms Wide Open". For some reason--my mood, the timing, whatever--I blurted out a guffaw, losing my grip and nearly going all Stafon Jackson. Luckily, Thomas--the ever-dilligent spotter he is--made the save. Still, it served to intensify my dislike of the already unlikable song.

Thanks to my good buddy Matt for the heads-up on the video.

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