Sunday, October 18, 2009

On Repeat: Unoriginal Musical Musings Volume 1

Note: This is an open-ended series, provoked by observing Facebook statuses, forum postings, co-worker comments, etc. It's about those statements that are delivered ad nauseam, and as if 9 million people aren't saying the same thing at any given moment. Here are a few to start:

Quote: "My Pandora Is Being Awesome Today!"

Usual Suspect: Overzealous Facebook/Twitter updater, attention whores.

Be it a Facebook status or an office announcement, it's a loaded statement with the unspoken addendum: "Let me give you the list of artists Pandora has played for me, because you'll see how great my taste is." While I'm not about to disparage Pandora, which I've begun to favor over iTunes as a soundtrack for chores/dressing for work/freelance toil, I will say this: OF COURSE it is "being awesome". That's what it's supposed to do. When you click the thumbs-down, does it say "Tough shit, I'm playing it anyway"? No. It says "Sorry, thought you might have liked that song. I won't play it again" or some such faux-personalized apology. It then recalibrates your station so that it doesn't play that song or similar ones. So when you type in "Styx", Journey and Foreigner will probably ensue. And if you type in Styx, chances are that's what you deserve...

Quote: "I know some people don't like John Mayer, but he's a really good guitar player"

Quote: Mayer fans, seeking Mayer validation when confronted by eye-rolling non-Mayer fans.

As a white dude who publicly plays guitar and sings, I am often lazily compared to John Mayer. It has inflated my dislike of the guy's music by about a thousand percent. When I voice my disapproval, the general response is this: "But did you know he's RLY GOOD at guitar??? I mean maybe you dont like his music but the guy plays with BB King and stuff." First of all, yes I knew that. My first exposure to John Mayer came in early 2002, when he performed on the short lived Galifianakis vehicle "Late World With Zach" on VH1. It was unremarkable, but shortly thereafter his wave of hits arrived. Since then, his laughable lyrics and annoying-as-shit voice has been validated (again and again) by his guitarplaying prowess. And yes--just like Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, or Bill who works the 3-to-close shift at Guitar Center, he is a very good guitarist. That in no way absolves his musical sins. Would I accept a rapist because he can draw really well? Nor will I forgive "Your Body is a Wonderland" or "Daughters" because Mayer can shred.


More to come in the upcoming days and weeks!

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Adam J. said...

i was wondering, how do you feel about john mayer?