Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Tube Amp: October

It struck me that I'm really letting this feature down. You might remember the last edition when I posted the August tube amp three days into September. And here we are, 2/3s of the way through October, and September is still tube ampless.

Therefore, I'm skipping September. Why? Cause fuck September that's why. What has September done to deserve an edition? School starts. Summer ends, but it stays hot. Hurricanes usually batter the South Carolina coast. So sorry, September: No Tube Amp for you.

That said, I give you the October Tube Amp. Ladies and gentlemen, Wilco:

:01 - 90s Wilco on a Ski slope in full regalia? Yes please.

:23 - Jay Bennet's guitar playing/whammy bar usage was always top notch. His playing looks so effortless. He actually taught me that the whammy bar could be used for good, not just overwrought Van Halen vibrato.

:32 - A bunch of pogoing Canadians in ski gear. That is all.

:49 - Tweedy's 90s alt-rock haircut: Timeless.

:55 - Hey John Stirratt, Nikita Krushchev wants his hat back.

1:17 - The one arm wave/white boy slight-knee-bend bounce: Pinnacle of lame.

1:32 - Who the hell is that? Rick Rubin on guitar? Whoever he is, I sure hope something hilarious happens to him before this is all said and done.

1:41 - Man, Bennett always seemed in his element on stage, in the rock guitarist role. I never saw him perform, but I hear Bennett-era Wilco was a thing to behold. I bet his ousting gutted him more than we can ever know.

2:11 - There's that Rubin Impostor again. Nothing hilarious yet. Surely some perfectly timed goof will befall our bearded friend. It must...

2:40 - Our jolly dancer has graduated to the two-armed wave.

2:54 - Wait for it....

2:58 - Wait for it

3:00 - Almost...

3:06 - YES!!! Faux-Rubin goes for the timed stomp, loses his hat, doesn't stick the landing, staggers ungracefully off the side of the stage and backflops into the powder. AND NEVER MISSES A NOTE.

3:40 - Bennett: "Hahaha. You're out of the band."

By the way, the Rubin lookalike? My guess is its Bob Egan, former multinstrumentalist and current member of Blue Rodeo. Until next time -- whenever that may be -- this is the Tube Amp, signing off.

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