Monday, November 23, 2009

Poll Results 4: What's Your Favorite Radiohead Album?

What a turnout! Thanks to all the voters out there, who turned out in droves. We asked readers to choose the unchoosable: Which Radiohead album is tops? 46 clicks later, and we have results:

0 (0%) - Pablo Honey
9 (19%) - The Bends
8 (17%) - OK Computer
10 (21%) - Kid A
1 (2%) - Amnesiac
1 (2%) - Hail to the Thief
10 (21%) - In Rainbows
7 (15%) - Can't Choose

Ladies and gents, we have a tie. Kid A's futuristic ambiance and In Rainbows' shadowy emotion each drew ten votes. I wonder how many of the indecisive "can't choose" folks were hung up on one of those two. How the scales might have been tipped had the last category not been present.

A few interesting notes:
  • OK Computer, often hailed as a genre-defining masterpiece, finishes a surprising fourth, behind its more straightforward rock predecessor, The Bends.
  • Debut Pablo Honey didn't get any votes. I'm not disappointed--it's clearly not their best record--but I think it's important we recognize it as a record most bands would be lucky to write.
  • In the post that introduced this poll, I put on my pun-cap and wrote this:
Do you crave the Pablo Honey? Do you salute Hail to the Thief? Can't forget about Amnesiac? (I could go on.)
  • Those albums received a total of three votes. Way to make me look stupid. C'maaaaan!
Thanks again for voting, new poll will be up to close out the year!


Adam J. said...

Here's my personal ranking:
1. OK Computer
(far above)
2. In Rainbows
3. Kid A
4. The Bends

First of all, I'm surprised at the number of votes for In Rainbows. I personally love the album, but I guess I wasn't really aware of it's popularity among RH fans.

But here's my real beef: I can't believe OK Computer didn't get more votes. I am tempted to put together a long-winded argument in behalf of the album, but instead I'm just going to say "You're all wrong!!!" and go pout at my desk.

George said...

I agree and was surprised that OK Comp didn't run away with it. Perhaps it suffered from being the obvious choice. Who knows.....