Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Tube Amp: November

This month's Tube Amp fodder was provided by our own Thomas. He and I bonded in college over our mutual, unabashed fanhood for Collins-era Genesis. Not to say we don't appreciate the proggy, Gabriel-era stuff. But man oh man, do we both love that syrupy, drum-machine laden, be-mulleted pop goodness. Say what you want...it's quality stuff. The deeper cuts feature epic sprawls, sometimes with multiple movements, and complex songcraft that really warrants them a solemn nod from most synth-pop deriders. One of the many flagship efforts from Collins, Banks, and Rutherford, let's take a look at the Tube Amp's longest offering yet: "Tonight, Tonight".

:12 - Gotta love the initial drumbeat, which the experts would label "Synth as fuck".

:37 - The glorious mullet of 80s Phil Collins belongs in the Rock Hall of Fame.

:51 - Is Mike Rutherford playing one of those guitars without the headstock? Man, those things are so weak...glad that trend dissipated and has shown no signs of resurgance.

1:02 - Apparently this cavern of keyboard is actually an offshoot of the Sarlacc from Return of the Jedi.

1:18 - More on the mullet: The way it cascades around his chrome dome and down the back kinda makes it look like a reverse-beard.

1:29 - For having 8,000 keyboards, it seems kinda unimpressive to be creating that simple chirp kinda thing.

1:41 - Little known fact: Phil Collins, one of the shortest frontmen of all time, is actually singing into one of desk-top mic stands.

1:45 - Half expecting mini-Stone'Enge to lower from the rafters.

2:13 - Phil sure knows how to mug for that big note. Dude is pitch-perfect too; amazing, when you consider he was never really meant to be the band's lead singer.

2:48 - Aside from the awesome tunes, the stage show seems pretty tame, doesn't it?

3:08 - Sweet pinstriped blazer. Goodwill had one on special the other day.


3:31 - Phil, donning one of his many musical hats. This time...synth-pad, or something...

4:00 - Such frantic cuts...something is afoot.

4:12 - Finally! Banks jumps to board #12 for some pure 80s sap-synth...

4:16 - ...complemented nicely by some snappy bass. Headstockless, of course.

5:00 - This kind of instrumental stretch totally reminds me of cartrips as a kid. My brother was absolutely obsessed with Genesis, so we'd always have some going.

5:18 - BAM! This bridge rules.

6:06 - All the weepy Disney soundtracks, Phil could absolutely belt a power-note when it was called for.

6:10 - Did you see that? One renegade finally audience member decides to stand up. Play on, player.

6:48 - Sometimes a urine receptacle is necessary. Keyboardists have no time for bathroom breaks.

7:10 - Ah, the second drum-kit, awaiting ever-so-menacingly for Phil to destroy during the double-set solo.

7:30 - Phil is always business casual; high-waisted slacks, shirt starched to a crisp, loafers no doubt. "What about a cool leather jacket, Phil?", you might ask. I'll answer for the man: "No jacket required."

8:16 - This is some vintage 80s riffsmanship...enjoy the ride.

8:38 - That's a coda, bitches.

9:00 - You just know every song at the concert ended like that. Lots of noise from everyone, drummer does a big outro roll, everyone comes down on the same note, lights out.

Ladies and gents, I give you Genesis c. 1988. Does it get better? Sadly, as I read through the comments I'm finding that there is some speculation that Phil's playing, and even singing days are numbered, due to some sort of spine injury. This, I pray, is just a rumor. If there is some condition, here's to speedy recovery.

Until next time, This is the Tube Amp, saying: Tonight, tonight, tonight.....Whooaaa-ooooooooooh!

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Thomas said...

Nice. Just got a copy of Invisible Touch! Been working up in my head a piece on New Jack Swing. It is becoming more and more underrated as today's hip hop buffoons are let loose.