Thursday, December 31, 2009


In my few years in a semi-corporate environment, I've learned that goal setting is a big part of success. It's also a big part of having the personality of a slice of cardboard, so I try not to be consumed with constantly measuring progress and reaching benchmarks, etc. But 100 is such a sexy number in our Arabic number system. Remember when you were a kid and 100 of anything seemed so impressive? 100 dollars a fortune, 100 miles a journey, 100 days a lifetime. Nowadays it's a bit less impressive, but there's still something to be said for persistence. So in January, when I set my goal of 100 posts for the year, I didn't litter my intentions with subsets of goals. I kept 'nine posts a month' in mind, but clearly I didn't adhere to it. But thankfully, slow months were offset by content-heavy months, and things planed out.

And here we are. 100 posts in a year and proud of it. Thanks to everyone who reads the blog on a regular or semiregular basis, even if it's only a few people. I love sharing my thoughts and analysis with you guys, as well as occasionally some satire. Here's to hoping next year is just as fruitful if not more. Have a great 2010!

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