Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best Of month commences...now!

It's friggin' December already, and we're wrapping up the most prolific year HSW has experienced to date. Thanks to all the readers who voted in polls, left comments, followed the blog, or in any way spent a few minutes reading what we had to write. Here's what to expect this month:
  • User Poll: Best Album of the Year
  • Maybe Next Year: Albums We'll Probably Discover Next Year
  • Late As Usual: Albums We Finally Discovered This Year
  • 5 Best Live Shows of the Year
  • 5 Worst Albums of the Year
  • 20 Best Songs of the Year
  • 20 Best Albums of the Year
Longtime readers (re: me) will notice that our "Albums of the Year" list has shapeshifted each of its three years. First it was Top 33 (for some reason), last year it was Top 10. This year we've re-expanded the list to 20. I feel this is a nice number, neither bloated nor skimpy, and it allows for us to touch on pretty much all the worthy stuff we came across without any filler.

Here we go!

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