Sunday, December 27, 2009

Musical Resolutions for 09: How'd I do?

You know what's scary? I vividly remember writing my resolutions on this blog, nearly a year ago. It was January 5th, the year's first post. Doesn't seem too long ago. Remember when you were a kid, and a year seemed like an eternity? Now, as each year becomes a smaller portion of my life, it seems far less impressive a span. Not to mention it's no longer segmented by summer breaks. Ah, the icy, crushing reality of adulthood. Alas, it's been a year, and now I choose to look over my shoulder and assess my resolve:

1. Buy the Disc

Success? Indubitably. I purchased no less than 20 new CDs alone, many from my local record store.

2. Finally get Orphans

Success? Thanks to HSW reader (and, more importantly, friend) Nick, I received a complimentary copy of Orphans earlier this year, which I've spun liberally throughout '09. Thanks buddy!

3. Discover what the big deal about the Velvet Underground is

Success? Marginal. Thanks to Pandora, I've inadvertently listened to some Velvet Underground that--what can I say--is pretty damned good. I haven't revisited VU&Nico, nor have I sought out the rest of their catalog. But I've accepted the notion that there is something to it. And while I didn't quite crack the nut all the way, I'm committed to getting around to it in 2010.

4. Upgrade my iPod headphones

Success? Partial. I did get some noise-cancelling headphones, but they broke a few months back. So I bought some standard earbuds that'll work in a pinch. For the most part, I've been listening to my iPod through some Behringer HPS3000 headphones that belong to the office, but usually collect dust. No harm in putting them to good use, right?

5. Scratch a few 'must-see' acts of my list

Success? Epic fail. The artists in question:
Drive-By Truckers: They played Charleston a few times, but I never was able to see them.
Arcade Fire: The band was off the scene virtually all year, so I don't feel so bad about this one.
Gillian Welch: Played on the Big Surprise tour with her husband (David Rawlings), the Felice Brothers, and OCMS; but the closest they came was Knoxville. On a Tuesday. Again, I can't beat myself up.
M. Ward: Toured with the Monsters of Folk as well as solo, but never came within striking distance.
I did, however, check off The Flaming Lips, The Felice Brothers, and Andrew Bird. All in all a slow year for live music, but I'm thinking next year will be a big year.

6. Keep this blog a'rollin!

Success? Absolutely. Thanks to all the readers, writers, and everyone else who keeps this blog in the back of their mind.

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