Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More musical lookalikes...

File today's installment of Musical Lookalikes under "From the right angle". Safe to say these two gentleman don't necessitate nametags when in the same room, but were you to claim they bare not even a passing resemblance, I'd deem thee a liar. Twins they aren't, but long-faced, strong-browed, curl-topped gingers they are: The Frames/Swell Seasons' Glen Hansard and timeless character actor John C. McGinley.

(With a black wig and some imagination, Kelso could be Johnny Cash)

McGinley's portrayal of the beloved bully Dr. Cox on Scrubs--a character whose badassery more than makes up for irritating duo of Elliott and Carla--is what he's most well-known for, but I'll take Bob Slydell and his celebration of Michael Bolton's entire catalogue any day:

Suspenders and short sleeves or GTFO! Anyway, I'm actually a lot more well-versed in McGinley's stuff than I am with Hansard's. But this does give me the opportunity to post one of my favorite Dylan covers, Hansard's version of "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" from the I'm Not There soundtrack.

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