Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I will be broke in May: BOH to release new album

I'm not big on post-padding news stories, since I could probably throw 3 or 4 up in a day. Our site adheres to a strict "You probably didn't hear it here first!" assumption, so generally speaking we leave breaking news to the big boys.

But this is worthy of attention for two reasons. Not only is Band of Horses a HSW favorite, but their newly announced album is an appropriate addition to the stampede of new releases in the fair month of May. Need I remind you, we'll see new discs from The Hold Steady, the National, Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers, the Black Keys and Josh Ritter. And who knows what else might be announced before then!

The new disc is called Infinite Arms which carries on the band's proud tradition of stupid album names. Here's to hoping it carries on their tradition of enjoyable albums, too. BOH, FTW!

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