Friday, March 26, 2010


  • MGMT's new record, Congratulations, is floating around. It's grand and cartoonish, as you might expect, like indie-rock Japanamation or something. One listen in, and I'm quite happy with the display of brightly colored synthpop. We'll see how it ages with repeat listens.
  • Not music, but worth noting: David Cross has a new stand-up album coming out. A May release, it'll provide some comic relief (literally) during the onslaught music May has in store.
  • Speaking of said onslaught, The National has made available the first single from High Violet, the much-hyped "Bloodbuzz Ohio". And I dare say it's as good as the hype suggests.
  • A double dose of Wilco awaits (in fact by the time this posts, I'll have seen one show already.) Recent setlists are surprisingly impressive, without an excess of newish material. Look for reviews in the week(s) upcoming.
  • I'm not particularly thrilled with the Drive-By Truckers' new album, but they're a band that's proved my initial assessments wrong in the past. Hoping it's a grower, and thinking it might be.
  • One of my favorite albums ever is Dylan's Blood On the Tracks. But I noticed something about it the other day. Except for about two songs, the format of that album is this: Bunch of lyrics/title of the song/bunch of lyrics/title of the song/bunch of lyrics/title of the song.
  • Speaking of legendary songwriters: I'm a big Neil Young fan, but On the Beach is an album of his I've never managed to get into. And it's very much for a lack of trying. So I've put it in my rotation lately and it's certainly picking up steam.
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