Friday, April 23, 2010

HSW Newsflash of epic proportions: NEW SUN KIL MOON

Holy mother of all that is holy and Jesus and the saints and Mary and Jesus, I have some big news: Sun Kil Moon, i.e. Mark Kozelek's post-Red House Painters project and creator of my all-time favorite album Ghosts of the Great Highway, just announced the release of a new album. Admiral Fell Promises will be released on July 13. Here's what their site says:
The new album by Sun Kil Moon, entitled Admiral Fell Promises, will be released on July 13 on Caldo Verde Records. This 60 minute, 10 song [of course it is] album of original material will be released on CD, digitally and vinyl. The vinyl version includes liner notes and 2 bonus tracks recorded live in St. Malo, France.

All direct purchases direct through Caldo Verde website will receive a free, limited 4 song Sun Kil Moon EP entitled I'll Be There. The EP includes covers of Stereolab, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, and The Jackson 5.

More information soon at and
This is some full-boned excitement, folks. All of a sudden, Indie Music MAYhem seems like a mere stepping stone on the path to July, when the real heavy-hitter sees the light of day.

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