Thursday, April 22, 2010

Indie Music MAYhem Contestant 6: Band of Horses

Band of Horses

Album: Infinite Arms
Release Date: May 18
About the Band: Neil Youngish rockers led by Ben Bridwell, provider of soaring vocals and lively guitar riffsmanship. Also, they live in Charleston. Hometown heroes, FTW!
Last Record: Cease to Begin came out in 2007 and was one of my favorites from the year, despite a few overly sleepy moments.
Reason for Excitement: Band of Horses is the one band that I'll always associate with my glory years in college. I'll probably always give them a little more credit than most.
Reason for Concern: They're cheating away from the spacious folk attack that defined their first album, and embracing a more straightforward country/alternative rock approach that can be a bit too safe for my liking.
Early Indications: The first couple of tracks aren't all-time greats, but I seem to remember some new stuff from the last time I caught them that seemed promising.
Prediction: When one of your top bands releases and album, you gotta be optimistic. I'm hoping for top 3, but the meat of the album will need to be a tad more succulent than the singles if it's gonna happen.

And that's everyone! We'll have a IMM kick-off post next week. Have a fine weekend, folks!

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