Friday, April 2, 2010

More musical lookalikes...

I realize yesterday was April Fools Day, and I missed out on a perfect chance for the requisite April Fools post. I could have posted some sprawling analysis of my newfound Justin Bieber obsession, but frankly I couldn't stoop that low. I will say that I was in a bookstore the other day, browsing the magazine rack for some design inspiration, and good lord: That kid is on the cover of every magazine with a sub-18 demographic. I wish I could buy futures in heroin addiction, because that kid is primed for post-child stardom burnout.

But anyway, on to the lookalike action. In this, our ninth installment of the feature, I call upon the lanky Swede whose album I recently plugged (YOURE WELCOME), he who is known as the Tallest Man On Earth. Nee Kristian Mattson, his gaunt face and wispy coiffure are traits shared by actor Timothy Olyphant:

Olpyhant's been in a ton of stuff, but I remember him from "The Girl Next Door", starring Elisha Cuthbert as an ex-porn star. No great achievement, but his turn as a sleazy porn producer stole the flick.

From that last paragraph, you can deduce that their similarities are strictly superficial. Anyway, have a great weekend folks!

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