Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poll Results 6: Band of the 2010s

Fifty years from now, how we will we refer to this decade? I suggest the "Twenteens", a convenient portmanteau that has a marketable look to it. You heard it here first!

So who be remembered as the band of the Tweenteens? Let's have a look at the results:

5 (10%) - The National
15 (30%) - Vampire Weekend
5 (10%) - Animal Collective
5 (10%) - Grizzly Bear
6 (12%) - Phoenix
1 (2%) - MGMT
11 (22%) - The Fleet Foxes
1 (2%) - You missed one!

The scrappy lil' preps from New York take the poll with relative ease. This certainly isn't too farfetched a possibility. Some notes:
  • A few of these bands aren't exactly spring chickens. The National, Animal Collective, and Phoenix have all been around for most or all of the last decade. Perhaps this hurt their long-term prospects in the voters' mind.
  • A promising showing for the Fleet Foxes, who may not have the far reaching appeal of the V-Dubbers. I'm giddy with anticipation for their follow-up to 2008's self-titled classic of a debut.
  • Really surprised by the lack of support for MGMT, a band that's only two albums in and seems to be on the verge of megastardom.
  • While I was ever curious to know who I missed, the lone unsatisfied voter didn't bother to e-mail their choice. Oh well!
Thanks for the participation, voters. Look for a new one soon!

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