Monday, April 26, 2010

The Tube Amp: April

I feel as though I owe the Black Keys an apology. Despite their May release being blogworthy, I utterly spaced on including them in Indie Music MAYhem. They're more than qualified, and yet for no good reason I ostracized them from the tournament. Mea culpa! Allow me to offer consolation in the form of immortality.

Of course by that, I mean they get April's Tube Amp. It's the simple yet entertaining video for the first single from Brothers, featuring Frank the Funkasaurus Rex.

:03 -- I did it to myself again: Another single-shot video. But suffice to say, there's plenty to talk about. Keep an eye on the scrolling text along the bottom.

:09 -- That whistling sounds like a funkified version of "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn, & John.

:22 -- And Frank is on! Character breakdown: Frank, the dancing Funkasaurus Rex. The omniscient narrator, known only through his scrolling text messages. Finally, the puppeteer, who may also be the narrator--we may never know.

:27 -- In case I hadn't mentioned it, the name of the song is "Tighten Up".

:40 -- My favorite parts of the video are these dance breakdowns between verses.

1:08 -- Frank's slide-dance needs to become a GIF, fast.

1:23 -- In case you didn't believe me about his name being Frank...

1:42 -- What kind of houseplant are we dealing with here? It looks mighty cannabisish, but without the proper arrangement of leaves, I suppose. Any horticulturists/botanists who might be reading, please advise.

2:11 -- The finest carnivorous dinosaur stomp sequence caught on film since Jurrasic Park.

2:14 -- Pretty damned sure Frank just did the stanky leg...

2:22 -- Prepare yourself for our narrator questioning the methodology of puppeteering vis-a-vis fisting.

2:48 -- The overall aesthetic of this video is in line with their minimalistic approach to this album's packaging. Check out the cover art, and you'll see what I mean.

3:15 -- Watching Frank headbang is worth the price of admission.

3:26 -- And just like that, Frank goes extinct.

Well done, Black Keys. You've created a cheap, effective video that's certainly got Internet-phenomenon potential. This is me dropping a coin in your coffers by stoking the buzzfire (not to mention I'll be buying the disc when it drops.)

Tune in next month for another installment of the Tube Amp!

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