Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HSW Newsflash: New Radiohead LP on the way????

You never know with these guys. One second it's, "Oh, we're never releasing an album again," and then the next it's, "Oh, we're almost finished with the next LP." Thankfully, the pendulum has swayed towards the latter, as Ed O'Brien has confirmed that Radiohead is wrapping up the In Rainbows follow-up.

Of course this has created a lot of chatter amongst Radiohead fans, and an equal amount of boo-hooing from unappreciative ninnies who probably also complain when Ben and Jerry's give away free scoops. Anyway, no hints of--anything at all, really--pertaining to the nature of this new record, aside from the standard "it's different from the one before" line. Has a band ever said "Our new album will be a complete retread of our last effort. Very little will change, and odds are in a decade or so you'll forget which one came out first"?

It doesn't need saying, but I'll be following this one closely. Here's to hoping it breeds a tour that doesn't stop at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Charlotte. Coincidentally, I've been working on a feature that involves this very band. You should see it in the next few days.

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