Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tube Amp: July 10

Welcome back to the Tube Amp, our featured Youtube breakdown that tends to go dormant for a month or so at a time. In fact, I meant to write this particular instillation last month, when this video first made its rounds on the web. But my PS3 isn't going to play itself, so my blog duties fell by the wayside. Still, it'll be worth the wait for those of you who haven't seen it. The clip takes us to Beantown for a recent gig by a much-beloved Canadian supergroup (no not that one, the other one). The New Pornographers were between songs when something interesting happened. Something that made Neko angry. And you wouldn't like Neko when she's angry. Beware, grown-up language ensues:

:01 -- Carl Newman on your right, Neko on your left. You know, in case you thought some other ginger-haired female had replaced her.

:20 -- Wait for it...

:22 -- Thunk! Outta nowhere, a projectile strikes Carl's axe.

:25 -- "Who the fuck was that?" asks Neko. Shit's about to go down. "Seriously whoever did that, come up here and I will fucking fight you."

:38 -- Here, Neko is mumbling some pretty intense words, it seems. You can't see her face too well, but what you can see looks stone serious, doesn't it?

:48 -- Attempting to bring some levity to the situation, Carl mentions that it's actually their record.

:49 -- Neko isn't having it, asking "Who did it, cause I will seriously pummel your fucking face in." And she's not done. "I am a piece of shit white trash and I will fuck you up. Don't pull that shit again."

1:10 -- At this point it devolves into non-sensical banter, Newman no doubt attempting to fan away the thick fog of awkward that's hanging heavy. But at least Neko's calmed down!

1:24 -- Nevermind: "I will go to jail, I don't give a shit. I will fuck you up." Then Newman, the good cop, quips, "I will fucking bail her out of jail!"

1:32 -- Neko's calm is what's so unsettling at this point. "I will fight every single fucking person in this room. Seriously, don't fucking pull that shit again."

1:45 -- Then all of a sudden, the skies clear and Neko's all cheery. Apparently her read-headed ire lasts for a solid minute. "It's still good, we can re-sell that!"

In case you're wondering: According to the video description on Youtube, the girl who threw the CD was tossed out of the show, and the disc was gifted to someone in the audience. That's quite a souvenir, I must say.

So remember folks, don't mess with Neko Case because she will fight you. I'd also like to wish a happy birthday to the Tube Amp, which was launched in July of 2009. Granted, there have only been 10 Tube Amp posts (including this one), but I assure you I have completely valid reasons for that. Now if you'll excuse me, MLB The Show 2010 is calling.

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