Monday, August 9, 2010

New poll: What's Your Ideal live Music Environment?

I normally like to create polls that are topical in nature, dealing with specific music or artists. Broad-sweeping questions like "What's you're favorite instrument?" seem too arbitrary and uninspired. Our ninth poll leans a bit more towards that sort of thing, although I think it's an interesting subject. Since we cover all kinds of live venues--from art galleries to amphitheaters--we obviously don't discriminate. Granted, it's a lot more appealing to hit small indie shows for ten bucks than it is to shell out $85 (plus fees and parking) for the big boys. But if a band is worth it then I'll be there, venue notwithstanding.

Still, we all have our ideal kind of show. Some folks love being shoulder to shoulder with a hundred sweaty hipsters to catch a buzzworthy underground act at a glorified garage. Others can wait a few years for a headlining tour, if it means a seat and air-conditioning. I'm a fan of the seated show, if only for the luxury of giving my knees a break after the opener and before the encore.

What about you? Poll at the right, voting goes through mid-September.

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