Monday, August 2, 2010

Poll Results 8: Who released the best album's of 2010's first half?

Holy moly, what a turnout! Voters showed up in droves to anonymously opine on the best of '10 so far. I might have petitioned a message board or two, but nonetheless, 100 votes is more than some municipal elections get. It was a humbling process, though, as the mandate suggested that my selections were particularly lacking. Let's go to the tally:

4 (3%) - Vampire Weekend
8 (7%) - Tallest Man On Earth
6 (5%) - Phosphorescent
6 (5%) - Broken Social Scene
2 (1%) - Spoon
8 (7%) - Titus Andronicus
22 (21%) - The National
48 (46%) - None of the Above

Slightly under half of you thought none of the seven I provided were worthy of such a lofty title as Best of 2010 So Far. My sources tell me that many were perturbed by the omission of The Black Keys' Brothers, which I also erroneously omitted from our Indie Music Mayhem feature. Had I included the bluesy Akronites, would their total have surpassed that of fellow Ohio natives, The National? Quite possibly. But High Violet was the clear winner of those albums listed, garnering almost three times as many votes as the next best. Even though Phosphorescent's Here's to Taking it Easy was our choice for album of the half, it finished tied for fifth with Broken Social Scene's Forgiveness Rock Record.

Lots of intriguing storylines, so thanks to the many voters who provided them. Look for a new poll to pop up shortly!

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