Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Caleb Followil on the new KOL song

The following is a message from Caleb Followil of Kings of Leon.

Arraht arraht arraht paaawty pipple, lemme tell yawright now 'bout dat new Kangz o' Leeeeon sawng dats on our fresh new ell peee, Come Around Sundown. Mebbe yawl saw the music video bah now?

You might be wawndrin', "Why yawl find yoselfs in such environs?" Well, apparently they's some pipple who think KAY OH ELL is the whitest band evah! Awwww man, that ain't right!

Look man, Caleb down wit people of awwwwl colah shep and size, na'mean? So when the direckah tell us we gon' be playin' round with some young Af'can Ameh'can children, I say 'Where I sign up!?' Black pipple may not be our praaahm demographic, but I showly got admiration for the natural soul they so often put on display, an' I could not wait to immerse mah'self in they cultcha, you na'mean?

Here's some highlights o' my time spent wif dose wonduffle pipple.

Tekkin' a nice stroll with summa mah new fraaaynds:

I ain't one to pahticipate in spowtin' events, but a little volleybawl nevah hurt nobodaaay!

Don't know if yawl knew, but Caleb fancy hisself as somethin' of a grillmasta'!

Kess da cook, baybay!!!

I ain't used to soul food, so it had some unfowchanate repuhcussheeowns:

Right in "The Bucket" yawl!

Enyweh, hopefully dis has staved owf beyawnd any shaddah of a doubt that the Kangs boast a pan-cultcharal appeal. New album out Octobah Nineteenf, check it yawl! Unteeel next time, always remembah to use somebodaaaaay!

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francesca said...

Hahaha, i did LOL!