Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craig Finn, tellin' it like it is

Since we're talking Hold Steady, I stumbled across this excellent Craig Finn quote and it's had me smiling all day.

First, a little context. I am of the mind that The Doors are the most overrated band in the history of rock and roll, and Jim Morrison the most overrated rock star. Not to say that Morrison was a complete non-contributor--I know he was a unique frontman and all--but I think the enigma that surrounds his life and death has caused his artistic quality to be unduly inflated.

Which brings me to Craig's quote. It's taken from an excellent piece on The Guardian, wherein musicians were interviewed and asked what album they'd be OK with never hearing again. Craig chose The Doors' L.A. Woman, and laid into the whole Doors mythos. Go and read his and others' spiels in full, but I had to highlight this one-liner:

"(Morrison) gave the green light to generations of pseuds."

Finn, for the win. And it's so true. Unfortunately, trite poetry resonates with some folks, and it breeds more trite poetry. And such is Morrison. I'm sure many will disagree, admonish the dissenters, and continue to plaster Jim Morrison posters all over their dormroom (or parents' basement, as the case may be.) But not me. I just want to buy Craig Finn a beer.

(I also agree with most of Ian Rankin's assessment of Velvet Underground & Nico, except for the part where he praises The Doors. Seems like he and Craig are on the opposite side of the fence, doesn't it?)

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