Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Low Anthem - Behind (and in front of) the scenes

A recent discovery of mine--well, they were recommended to me by a likeminded musical colleague--is the Low Anthem. The band was a duo, then a trio, now a quartet, who hail from Rhode Island and play thoughtful, vintage Americana and make it seem effortless. Their much celebrated, HSW recommended album Oh My God Charlie Darwin has earned them both critical acclaim and a burgeoning fanbase. A new album is slated for early next year, but until then, here's something to hold you over.

Indiana filmmaker Riley Fields (check his stuff out here) caught up with the band during their opening run with the Avett Brothers--a much-coveted gig for up-and-coming Americana acts. The beautifully filmed and edited short form documentary touches on the band's versatility, as well as their approach to instrumentation and music-making in general.

My crystal ball is telling me this band will be very, very big. So watch the clip and hop on board now, so you'll have those "I knew 'em back when" bragging rights when they're a top-tier indie act...

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Unknown said...

Low Anthem just won the 2010 Mojo Magazine "Breakthrough Act of the Year", and are touring in Nov. for ten dates with Emmylou Harris.

Great new solo album by Low Anthem member Mat "Twain" Davidson. Three tracks up at his solo site at Beautiful music, voice and lyrics, recorded on vintage tape! Enjoy!
Cary A Tune