Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poll Results 9: What's your favorite place to see live music?

This month's poll question dealt in generalities. When the house music falls silent, the lights dim and the band takes the stage, where would you rather find yourself: Draped in bar-sign neon? Shoulder to sweat-soaked shoulder in a pit of fellow fans? Glutei nestled in plush seating? That was your conundrum, and here's what you had to say:

3 (10%) - Hot, sweaty, cramped bar or makeshift venue
14 (48%) - Bar room with a stage
4 (13%) - Mid-sized general admission floor
2 (6%) - Outdoor venue
6 (20%) - Seated, mid-sized civic center or performance hall
0 (0%) - Arena or stadium

It was a runaway win for the bar with stage, which tells me you're all fans of quasi-intimate shows, or just a bunch of drunks. Either way, it took home almost half of all votes. A distant second place finish for the mid-sized GA floor, which isn't too different from the bar/stage option; the only difference is the bar is usually a bit less easy to access in the former than the latter. I'm proud of you all for skunking the arena/stadium option.

Thanks as always to those who contributed; look for a new poll in the upcoming days.

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