Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another DBT's album...already?

A week or two ago, the Drive-By Truckers announced the release of their eleventh studio album Go Go Boots, due in February of 2011. This comes on the heels (pun intended!) of last March's The Big To Do, which was anything but that. There were a few memorable tracks, but by and large it won't be remembered as one of the Truckers' finest works.

There's already a bit of hype surrounding the new album--apparently it'll feature a few tracks that die-hard fans have become enamored with in a live setting--but I'm a little reluctant to afford too much anticipatory energy to an album that's comprised of tracks from the same creative stretch as it's average predecessor.

The Truckers have never been release-shy, but in my opinion, they haven't put out a true classic since 2005's The Dirty South. Hard to believe it, but that was four LPs ago. The first post-Isbell era LP--2008's Brighter Than Creation's Dark--had a lot going for it, but was far too bloated to be cohesive (as I've pointed out.)

Here's hoping they put a boot up my doubting ass and release a rager. And maybe swing through Charleston, while they're at it.

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