Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buck Owens and His Unwitting Support for My Alma Mater

Big football game this weekend! The University of South Carolina Gamecocks look to continue their outstanding season, but they have to get through their in-state rivals (Clemson) first. For the first time in a few years, we're favorites, which is terrifying. Sure, Clemson has had a pretty wonky season, and although they're coming off a strong win, it was over a pretty terrible team. They're out of their conference title race, and at this point are just trying to increase their bowl standing.

The Gamecocks, on the other hand, have clinched the SEC East for the first time, and are sitting on an 8-3 record. We've got a freshman phenom running back, a world class wide receiver, and a highly accurate (if a tad accident-prone) quarterback. And it's because of all this that I'm so anxious about this Clemson game. We're going into Clemson as favorites--the game is very much ours to lose.

On paper, we should win. But you just never know with this game. A few lucky breaks for the Tigers, and it could go down as a pretty nasty upset. Consider last year, when Clemson was 8-3 and preparing to play for their conference title the following week. They came into Columbia, and our 6-5 underdogs spanked 'em. The symmetry of these scenarios is eerie.

Anyway, in keeping with the spirit of this rivalry week, I've decide to post a Youtube clip with nebulous significance. It's Buck Owens performing "I've Got a Tiger By the Tail" on Hee-Haw. Man, I love these old country performances. Lots of mugging, big grins, unfortunate haircuts and VERY fortunate sideburns. Would have been a perfect candidate for the Tube Amp if I hadn't retired that feature for its unfortunate habit of being a pain in the ass to write.

Look, I realize this song isn't about the Clemson Tigers, and it would make more sense to post it after we win (if we do)--but frankly, any excuse to post a Buck Owens performance is a good one.

And may the Gamecocks have the Tigers by the tail all Saturday night.

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