Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Poll Results 10: What Band's Upcoming Release Are You Most Anticipating?

Lots of blips on the radar right now. Which one is generating the most interest from the likes of you? Over a month ago, I wrote a little round-up of all of some of the bigger releases on the horizon. With so many reasons to be excited, which one has you all aquiver with anticipation?

6 (24%) - Radiohead
7 (28%) - Fleet Foxes
2 (8%) - Iron and Wine
2 (8%) - Bon Iver
4 (16%) - Bright Eyes
0 (0%) - The Strokes
1 (4%) - Sufjan Stevens
3 (12%) - Someone else entirely

In what I would consider something of an upset, the Fleet Foxes take the poll. Who can blame voters for their eagerness to find out if the Foxes can ably follow up their best-of-'08 debut? Some poll notes:
  • Radiohead had a strong showing, and why shouldn't it. It's not really a question of "Will their next album be any good?" More like, "How epic will it be?"
  • Bright Eyes takes third. No problem with that; it's been, what, four years since we've had a Bright Eyes album? Conor Oberst, of course, has stayed busy with solo albums and the Monsters of Folk project. Check those out if you haven't already, especially MOF.
  • The always popular "Damn your options suck" option came in third.
  • No love for the Strokes? Maybe their sub-par third album is to blame.
Thanks for participating. Keep your eyes on the blog for our final poll of the year. That's right: Best of 2010, comin' atcha.

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